Melody Child is one of the very few professional female music producers and composers in the US and considered to be one of the highest-profile female music producers in the music industry. Melody is multi-talented in many areas, Melody multi-instrumentalist and experienced songwriting and drumming capabilities put her in a class of her league. Melody's range of composing multiple genres of music is one of her great skills. 

Originally born Brooklyn New York and a childhood raised in Brentwood N.Y, Melody started writing and producing music at 11 years old when she inherited a Casio keyboard from her mother. During her teens she wrote hundreds of songs and poetry, Melody learns to play the piano and drums and self-taught herself the basics of music production using a 4-track analog recorder and years of studying. With her influences stemming from the Hip-hop to R&B through bands such as Earth Wind & Fire and Barry White Love Unlimited. Melody studied music from every sound and instrument use and quality of mixing and arrangements. Melody music professional specializing in music production and sound design this creativity quickly fuelled a desire to pursue a career in production, leading her to develop her skills. Melody's love for music takes new heights in her production. Melody believes there's not a genre or melody she can't create. 

Now an experienced musician and self-taught producer her unique varied new sounds reflect the broad range of her interests by many artists. Melody formed her own production company in 2000. Melody decided to write and produce for other artists and produced for many artists over the years such as Prodigy of Mobb Deep, DJ Prince Paul, Gorilla Zoe, Hell Rell, Kevin Gates, Meek Mill, Diamond and so much more. Now an established producer, Melody teaches Music Production and Remixing. Melody has also written various books on how independent artists can use better techniques to achieve music goals while learning. Melody is currently writing a short book on this subject which will be released soon.  


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